Office Visit Procedures That Maximize Patient Conversion and Increase Patient Satisfaction




Did you know it costs about seven times as much to get a new patient as it does to keep one? Getting a new patient is an investment and implementing specific office visit procedures will help you receive maximum return on this investment.

In this paper, Dr. Fernandez provides you with the step-by-step office visit procedures that are used by some of today’s most successful doctors. Dr. Fernandez has also included some highly-effective office visit scripts for you to learn and master.

So, how much is a satisfied patient worth to you and your practice? Considering that the happier a patient is the more they refer others to you, just one satisfied patient could be worth thousands of dollars to your practice. It is also important to remember that it is far less costly to create a satisfied patient than it is to pay for advertising. So, if you can fill your practice with referred patients, you can significantly decrease your paid advertising budget.

Using the information in this white paper could mean thousands of extra dollars to your practice.

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