Non-Client Registration: How to Document Your Claims Properly and Get Paid (zoom)



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How to Document Your Claims Properly and Get Paid!

Saturday, August 14th , 10 AM to 3:00 PM (EST)

You are invited to a Documentation Seminar that will help you stop getting claims rejected and avoid being considered for removal from insurance networks and paying back money you have been paid!

Class Description:

Insurance is changing. This seminar will discuss the way providers are being tracked for their code usage, and how decisions are made about claims. Many chiropractors do not understand CPT Coding and ICD coding correctly. Today, many insurer’s use sophisticated software to identify provider’s that are improperly billing and they are getting paid by providers with some cases being turned over for fraud and other cases having doctors removed from their networks. This not only happens to chiropractors, but also MD’s, DO’s, PT’s, Nurse Practitioner’s and others.

The CPT Coding system has gotten very technical. Most Insurance Companies have certified coders that now review claims. Many chiropractors do not have certified coders and are improperly using CPT and ICD 10 codes. There is software that can spot potential problems right on the claim form and cause a rejection to occur.

A large problem for chiropractic offices is the use of software for documentation that are nothing more than cloned, pre-printed notes of nonsense that mean little to the claim. You need to know how to document what a patient has, how the patient is responding to treatment, and then code the services that were done correctly as well as diagnose a patient properly. Additionally, there is a limited time to get the documentation done. If it is not timely documented, this will result in claim denials.

Attend this documentation seminar and learn how to diagnose, document, code, and get paid, all done properly.

Class Outline:
Identified Chiropractic coding problems.
Exactly where chiropractors go wrong and how to fix it.

The Fine Art of Documentation

  • What is required
  • What is not
  • Examples of documentation
  • How to get to the important information desired
  • Exactly What Insurers look for in your documentation

The 4 Laws of Documentation
The 4 laws you must follow to get appropriate diagnosis

ICD 10 update
You do not need to get a new ICD 10 code book. How to get the right ICD 10 Code that is up to date and supports the codes you need for documentation. See the new codes that will be released on Oct 1. Also any changes in ICD 10 on October 1.

CPT Code update for January 1, 2021
There are changes to CPT codes used by all providers that took place January 1. A major change in the E/M codes modified the requirements for use. A full discussion regarding these changes.


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