How to Double Your Referrals…Quickly & Professionally




Consistently getting an adequate number of new patients is every practice’s lifeline to continued success.  And there are only 2 sources of new patients …. advertising and referral.

And, the more successful your referral efforts are, the less advertising you will have to do.

In this white paper, Dr. Peter Fernandez gives you a detailed explanation of the “referral regimens” being used by some of today’s most successful doctors.  As a bonus, he also includes a special section on “table talk”.  Incorporating these procedures into their practices have helped many doctor double their patient referrals, and in some cases even more.  Dr. Fernandez’ private clients have shown that the more you master and consistently use these procedures, the greater number of referrals you will generate.

How much is one new patient worth to your practice?  And, if that patient is a referral from another patient, how much money did you save in advertising?  Considering your answers to these questions, you could purchase this white paper for $500 and still come out way ahead.  However, Dr. Fernandez remains dedicated to helping DCs succeed and to the advancement of Chiropractic.  He knows that if he can keep the cost of his education materials as low as possible, more doctors will be encouraged to get them and use them.

Therefore, he is making this white paper available to you today for just $69.00.    


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