How to Design a Treatment Plan and Maximize Patient Compliance (Whitepaper)




A treatment plan designed using specific and vital information that the doctor has gathered during the patient’s consultation, thorough examination and review of any necessary x-rays, is essential in maximizing patient compliance. Indeed, the more your patient understands the treatment you recommend and the results they should expect, the more motivated they will be to follow your treatment plan. And, patients who abide by a well-prepared treatment plan will achieve maximum wellness in the shortest period of time. These are the most satisfied patients and the ones who will eagerly refer others to your practice.

In this white paper, Dr. Fernandez guides you through the various elements and considerations that make up a highly-effective individualized treatment plan. He also provides you with some tips on improving patient communication.

In mastering Dr. Fernandez’ recommended individualized treatment plan procedures, doctors have doubled and tripled their referrals from patients. If this paper helps you attract just one more patient referral, how much would that be worth to you and your practice? …. a whole lot more than the $35.00 you’ll invest to get this paper today.

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