Guidelines for Presenting a Report-of-Findings That Educates and Motivates




Getting tons of potential patients walking through your door and mastering superior diagnostic, treatment and practice management skills, will not assure you have a successful practice. However, combine these elements with effective patient communications and you have the formula to build a highly-successful practice. And effective patient communication skills are key to being able to present a report-of-findings that educates and motivates.

In this paper, Dr. Peter Fernandez provides you with the specific guidelines to make your report-of-findings effective in getting your patients to understand and “want” to follow the treatment plan you lay out for them. This commitment to care results in satisfied patients who proudly refer others to you.

Get your copy of this white paper and start learning the report-of-findings procedure used by some of today’s most successful doctors. At a cost of $35.00 and a potential return in the thousands of dollars, this paper is a smart investment for the doctor serious about his/her practice success.

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