Examination Procedures That Maximize Patient Compliance (and Boost Patient Referrals) (Whitepaper)




The examination is the single most important procedure in your practice, with the exception of consultation. The more thorough a doctor’s examination procedures are, the more accurate his/her diagnosis (analysis) will be, resulting in a more effective care program. This all adds up to patients achieving maximum wellness and in the least amount of time … a gigantic boost to the doctor’s new-patient attracting image.

In this white paper, Dr. Fernandez provides expert guidelines and sample scripts that will help you conduct a highly-effective thorough examination. The more you master and follow these thorough examination procedures, the happier your patients will be and the more they will refer others to you.

How much is a new patient worth? Anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on your type of practice, location and services provided. And, you can learn the thorough examination procedures that will boost your new patient referrals for just $99.

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