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More Than 3,500 D.C.s Have Opened Successful New Practices Using The Exclusive Practice Starters® Step-by-Step Program.

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The Practice Starters® Program


With over 30 years of successful practice opening, experience, Dr. Peter Fernandez and his Practice Starters® team of experts can help you. Without a doubt, the information and guidance that works best for the doctor wanting to open a new practice, is completely different than what a doctor needs to build an existing practice. And this is exactly what sets the Practice Starters® program apart from the rest … it is designed exclusively to help doctors open successful new practices.

Doctors can choose between 2 different Practice Starters® Program formats – The Practice Starters® Online Program, where doctors receive step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow checklists on opening a practice, or, The Practice Starters® Private Client Program, where doctors receive personal one-on-one instruction and guidance from a Practice Starters® Program expert.

The Practice Starters® Program Has helped more than 3,500 doctors open successful new practices, The Practice Starters® Program remains the most respected and successful new-practice starting program in chiropractic today. And, doctors now have a choice of two Practice Starters® programs … our traditional fast-track-to-opening Practice Starters® Private Client Program, or our new set-your-own-pace online version of the Practice Starters® Program.

The Practice Starters® “Online” Program

Allows the doctor to learn and proceed at his/her desired pace, and is available to the doctor 24/7. Complete with step-by-step instructions, checklists, video classes and timelines, along with an affordable payment plan, the Practice Starters® Program online is quickly becoming a favorite of doctors who want to open a new practice following a more do-it-yourself type of format.


The Practice Starters® “Private Client” Program

If you want to open your new practice as fast and efficiently as possible, the Practice Starters® Private Client Program is the one designed for you. This program gives you all of the step-by-step instructions, checklists, video classes and timelines as provided in The Practice Starters® Online Program, plus personal one-on-one guidance. Your personal coach will guide you every step of the way, providing you with effective options and guidance tailored specifically to you and your new practice.

What Doctors Say About Us:

Dr. Pete has helped me in every step of the process, from early practice location assessment/demographics, to compiling the business lease proposal, acquiring a favorable lease, and finally opening for business. His coaching and guidance brought early success with 422 patient visits and nearly $50,000 in services my first 30 business days open. Thanks again, from my family and me, for providing us with the framework for success.

Dr B., D.C. – North Ridgeville, OH

I initially joined because there were simply too many unknowns about opening and establishing a practice. I knew what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure about how to go about it. Like most beginning doctors, my finances were very limited and I could not afford a costly mistake. I highly recommend the Practice Starters® Program to any new doctor or any doctor looking for a change for the better.

Dr. F. – Daphne, AL

As you know, I was part of the Practice Starters® program from the beginning and as a Practice Starters® client, I provided over $98,000 in services during my first 30 days open. Since then, the power of your guidance and information continues to amaze me. Your seminars and technical approach to practice are the tools today’s chiropractor needs in order to succeed. I recommend the Practice Starters® Program program service to any chiropractor who is looking to open his practice.

Dr. S, D.C. – Apopka FL

The SBA along with numerous other sources, lists the following
“Top 3″ Reasons for new business failure:

1) Lack of Experience

The steps and decisions you’ll make following the Practice Starters® Program are based on over 30 years experience of helping more than 3,500 D.C.s open successful practices – no lack of experience here.

2) Insufficient Capital

Chances of acquiring funding increases by 100% with the right bank loan proposal. The Practice Starters® Program not only gives you a step-by-step guide to compiling a highly-effective bank proposal and business plan, we also tell you which banks are “start-up friendly” and how to approach them and, which banks to avoid

3) Poor Location

No matter how great a doctor you are, if your practice location does not attract new patients, your practice will struggle and possibly fail. Using the Practice Starters® Program exclusive demographic and psychographic studies will help you choose the location that will help you attract additional new patients (a “HOT” location).

We Expertly Guide You Through…

“How to save money on your office lease”

“How to save money with contractors”

“Proven marketing & advertising”

“Insurance provider considerations”

“How to design a sign that attracts new patients”

“Staff hiring & training”

“How to save money on equipment”

“New patient acquisition”

…and so much more.

Saving You Value Time & Money

The Practice Starters® Program is designed to help you open a successful practice… quickly, profitably, and proudly.

Call us at 1-800-882-4476. We’re happy to personally answer your questions regarding our Practice Starters® Online Program or our Practice Starters® Private Client Program.

Approximately 55% of our Practice Starters® clients start their own solo practices, 20% purchase a practice and 25% become Independent Contractors. We guide doctors into practice every day.

The Practice Starters® Program, will teach you how to make fewer mistakes. Mistakes are costly… very costly. It will also help you get into practice: easier, reach profitability faster, enjoy a smoother running practice, experience fewer staffing problems, have more new patients and enjoy higher earnings than non-Practice Starters® doctors.

Dr. Fernandez, the founder of The Practice Starters® Program is the only consultant who has ever written books on starting a practice. He also has written a book on buying a chiropractic practice, and he has advised doctors for the last 35 years on how to purchase a practice.

Why you should choose the Practice Starters® Online Program

The Practice Starters® Program can teach you how to start a practice. You don’t have to wait two months to go to a seminar to learn how to do something…we are as close and convenient as your telephone or your computer. The Practice Starters® Program helps doctors start a practice from scratch, become an Independent Contractor, or purchase an existing practice. The Practice Starters® Program specializes in starting successful new practices … it is not something we do secondarily.

Reasons why The Practice Starters® Program is preferable to other consulting firms are:


You will make more money.

It can be complicated.  We have a proven strategy and the resources to do it.


Easy Startup

It is easier to start a successful practice with The Practice Starters® Program than with any other consulting firm.


New Patients

You will get more new patients – the more new patients you get, the quicker your new practice will succeed.


No Long Contracts

You don’t have to continue to pay us for 5 years. The Practice Starters® Online Program is simply $99 a month for 25 months.


Comprehensive & Least Expensive

We are the most comprehensive and least expensive new practice starting program in the profession.

Complete step-by-step advertising campaign so that you attract all of the new patients you can handle.

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

25% of our Practice Starters® clients start a practice by becoming an Independent Contractor.

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