The Practice Starters® Program Details

More Than 3,500 D.C.s Have Opened Successful New Practices Using The Exclusive Practice Starters® Step-by-Step Program.



Our 15 Steps to Successfully Open a New Practice

  1. Demographics – Success is not an accident. McDonalds™, Wendys™, and banks don’t choose their locations by guessing – neither should you. These successful corporations use sophisticated demographic and psychographic studies to determine their locations – you should too! With 40 years of experience, Dr. Peter G. Fernandez skillfully interprets your demographic and psychographic information.
  2. Psychographics – We determine your “hot” states, towns and location through psychographic analysis. Our Practice Starters® Program is the only chiropractic consulting program that uses psychographic analysis in determining “hot” locations.
  3. The Determination of: “Hot” States, “Hot” Towns, “Hot” Office Locations – By following our guidance and advice and choosing hot states, hot towns and hot office locations, our clients get an additional 30 to 50 new patients per year.
  4. Office Space & Landlord Lease Negotiation Tactics and Advice – This service has helped save thousands of dollars for our clients, year after year.
  5. Floor Plan Design – Our expert floor plan designs can save doctors $10,000 to $20,000 in remodeling expenses.
  6. Bank Financing Advice – You can save money when negotiating with banks, and we teach you how.
  7. The Best Bank Proposal in the Profession – Our bank proposal was designed by the ultimate experts – bankers!!
  8. Equipment Selection and Purchase Recommendations– Following our advice on equipment selection and purchasing has saved doctors thousands of dollars in start-up costs.
  9. Contractor Negotiation – A good contractor will save you money. A bad contractor will cause you to lose money. We teach doctors how to find and negotiate with a good contractor.
  10. Sign Design & Advice – Our sign designs are known for attracting an average of four additional new patients per month, month in and month out, year after year.
  11. New-Practice Public Relation Activities – The Practice Starters® Program massive marketing effort can produce an additional 100 new patients per year.
  12. New-Practice Advertising – Newspaper, direct mail pieces – following the Practice Starters® Program advertising guidelines can produce an additional 100 new patients per year. The Practice Starters® Program will also advise you on choosing an effective and affordable social media marketing expert.
  13. Staff Hiring & Training Procedures – You and your practice are only as good as the staff you hire and train. We provide online practice-building C.A. training, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  14. Recommended Office Forms/Supplies – Our product division, Doctor’s Co-Op, has everything you need at a price you’ll like. Plus, we offer guidance and expert recommendations on the use of specific forms.
  15. Advice on Fees & Office Hours – Fees that are reasonable and customary — get paid! You never want to charge too much or too little. We will give you advice that will help you establish the best fees for your services. We will also help you determine the best office hours for your location. Office hours that coordinate with your location and demographics will result in more patient visits per week.

Our 14 Steps After the Practice Is Open


  1. Scheduled Weekly Telephone Consultations – Scheduled weekly telephone consultations with Dr. Fernandez or the doctor’s chosen and assigned consultant. This personal, one-on-one attention and guidance is a “fast-track” practice building method that enables and empowers the doctor to become more successful in the least amount of time. These pre-arranged weekly telephone sessions typically run from 20 to 25 minutes in length.
  2. Monthly Evaluation – A monthly practice evaluation will be conducted using the doctor’s submitted practice statistics.
  3. Marketing Materials – Use of our highly effective, copyrighted ads and marketing materials.
  4. Custom Designed Newspaper Ads. (Production fees for custom logos, copyrighted pictures, production of signs, etc., are to be paid by the client doctor directly to the company that provides the service.)
  5. Staff Management – The largest, most successful practitioners are the ones who have learned how to effectively manage and motivate their staff.
  6. New Patient Acquisition – Dr. Peter G. Fernandez has long been known as the country’s foremost chiropractic expert on obtaining new patients. His book, “1001 Ways to Attract New Patients” is a testament to that. Now in its fifth printing it is considered the most widely read book in the profession since the Green Books.
  7. Patient Retention Advice – Dr. Fernandez averaged 63 visits a patient – he’ll show you how.
  8. Referral Procedures – Dr. Fernandez had one of the largest, all referral practices in the country, with 5 associate doctors. He’ll teach you how to do the same.
  9. Insurance Procedures – We are proud to have the best and most qualified insurance instructor in the chiropractic profession. Learn how to collect what you are entitled to.
  10. HMO and PPO Advice and Guidance – There are some HMOs and PPOs that you should join, but most of them you should not. Dr. Fernandez will guide you through this maze and advise you on which HMOs and PPOs would best serve your practice.
  11. The Colleague Program – The client doctor is invited to participate in our exclusive “Bring A Buddy (a colleague)” program. Under this program, the doctor may register to bring a “buddy” with him/her to any of our seminars (excluding our P.I. seminars) free of any registration cost.
  12. Private Client Luncheon – A special private client forum/luncheon is held at each of our seminars. These forums are hosted by Dr. Fernandez and are held on Saturday at 12 Noon. These are private sessions limited to Practice Starters® Program private client members and their spouses. Dr. Fernandez personally selects and presents each forum topic.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Fernandez’ Practice Accelerator Private Client® Programs, please call 800-882-4476.  If you would like to begin your Practice Accelerator Private Client® membership process, simply complete and submit your confidential Application.  You are under no obligation to join. Memberships are limited and granted on a Dr. Fernandez approved and space-available basis.

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