2-Day Chiropractic Business Improvement Seminar

How To Build a Million-Dollar-A-Year Chiropractic Practice Seminar in Beautiful Orlando, February 17th & 18th.

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We’ll Show You Strategies to Double Your Earnings

The success principles taught at this seminar will increase any level of practice. Apply as many of these success principles as you want. The more you use, the more your practice will grow. You choose your future lifestyle and earnings.

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Why Attend Dr. Fernandez Seminar?

Instruction Topics

How The Million Dollar-a-Year Doctor Thinks

Dr. Peter Fernandez

Chiropractic … Our Common Denominator

How I Built My Million Dollar-a-Year Practice

Dr. Dennis Fiorini


What You Actually Need in Your Office Visit Notes

Dr. Brad Hayes

How to Be An Indispensable CA

Susan Williams

How I Built My Million Dollar-a-Year Practice … The Bumpy Road to Success

Dr. Gary Newberry


The New Medicare MACRA Payment System

Dr. Brad Hayes

Telephone Procedures & Workshop

Susan Williams

The Mechanics Of A Successful Practice

Dr. Gary Stephens


Medicare Civil Rights Rules & Compliance

Dr. Brad Hayes


“Front Desk Control”

Susan Williams

The New HIPAA Regulations

Dr. Brad Hayes

Call (727) 800-4278 and receive a special discounted offer rate for 1st time guests!

Successful Doctors Have a Written Office Policy

Mrs. Erin Galletta

How I Built My Million Dollar-a-Year Practice by Dr.Millar

Dr. Greg Millar

The Keys to Getting Paid … the Secrets of the CMS Claim Form

Dr. Brad Hayes

How To Schedule Effectively

Susan Williams


“Words You Use Are Important”

Susan Williams

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Million Dollar a Year Practice

Dr. Dianne Fernandez


How to Correctly Document … Forms & Filing for 2018

Dr. Brad Hayes


“Use & Benefits of Physiotherapy”

Susan Williams


Adding an Advanced Sports Injury Specialty to Your Practice

Dr. Brad Hayes

Call (727) 800-4278 and receive a special discounted offer rate for 1st time guests!

Raves for Dr. Fernandez Seminar

As a guest (1st timer), I appreciate the ‘no pressure’ approach. I appreciate that I was educated and learned a lot of useful techniques/skills and ideas.
Dr. B. Stankosky

Chiropractor (Ocala, FL)

The information at the seminar was incredible. I liked the info sharing with the other docs … I learned so much. It was amazing.
Dr. G. Millar

Chiropractor (Huntsville, AL)

Loved learning about incorporating specialties into my practice and the appropriate ways to implement case fees. Thank you!
Dr. A. Ledebuhr

Chiropractor (Winona, MN)

Dr. Pete has always great programs, great speakers…and it will help you to be a better doctor, it will help you with your business, it will help to serve your community.
Dr. Paulo J. Pereira

Chiropractor (New Jersey)

See Two of Our Most Popular Regular Sessions

Here are two of our most popular seminar series topics over the years. Register Today for our February 10th and 11th Seminar Series in Orlando by Calling (727) 800-4278.

Bus Trip to Success Dr. Fernandez will help you clear your headspace, transform your thinking and shed the chains that bind you down.

The Secret Elements of Stacking a Day for Practice Growth One of the most difficult things to do is to jump out of your comfort zone. We’ll show you how to bring excitement and life back into your practice.

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“How To Build a Million-Dollar-A-Year Chiropractic Practice”  – Dr. Fernandez Consulting Seminar

Where: Rozen Plaza Hotel (9700 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819) When: February 17th and 18th Why: You are not currently achieving the kind of money or lifestyle you desire from your Chiropractic Practice (yet), and you want to achieve it in 2018 Cost: First time physicians will receive a discounted rate of only $249.00 (regularly $499) and complimentary passes can be issued for qualified physicians, but you must call (727) 800-4278 to take advantage of this offer or get more information. Call and Register: (727) 800-4278


Event registration ends Wednesday January 31st, 2018 at 4:30pm, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.