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The most comprehensive Appointment Books available keep your practice flowing smoothly!

These books have been designed by Dr. Peter Fernandez as convenient appointment management systems and include daily statistical recap columns. Using these daily statistics, a doctor can determine how his practice is doing and where it may be headed, giving him the foresight to avoid potential problems.

Each two-page spread (one page for the 1 DR book) represents a complete day's schedule from 8:00AM to 8:00PM. Spacing allows for 15 minute scheduling with intermittent spaces for multiple patient scheduling. Each appointment book will last about a 3-month period of time.

These Appointment Books never "Go Down" like computers. Instead, they keep on giving you each day's schedule At-A-Glance and convenient tracking of practice statistics.

Thousands in use by Successful Chiropractors - order yours today!

Available for a One to Four doctor practice:

1 Doctor - Appointment Book

2 Doctor - Appointment Book

3 Doctor - Appointment Book

4 Doctor - Appointment Book

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