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With 20 years of successful practice, followed by another 24 years of practice consulting. I founded an outlet for the books, forms and other practice building products I have authored and designed. I invited others who had developed good, quality, chiropractic products and the response to our tailored products, prices and satisfaction guarantee has been tremendous!

If this is your first visit to our catalog of products... WELCOME. It is our goal to make your experience one that will keep you coming back. For the thousands of you who have been loyal customers over the years... THANK YOU.

We give our pledge to continue to provide the quality and service you have come to trust and expect from us..






Dr. Peter G. Fernandez, Founder

Dr. Peter Fernandez' Products

Office Signs 
Office Charts  Office Posters 
Patient Pamphlets  Patient Educating Books & Tapes 
Insurance & Managed Care  Diagnosis, Treatment & Exercise 
Marketing, Advertising & Referral Generating Programs  Practice Building Management Procedures
Office Layout, Design & Leasing  Success Principles 
Appointment Books  Office Forms 
Patient File Folders   

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