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Alternatives To Back Pain      156 pages; 5 ½' x 8 ½; book

Malcom Conway, DC

"Alternatives To Back Pain" by Dr. Malcom Conway

Price: $11.95

Knowing first hand how vital chiropractic care can be to the person suffering back pain, Dr. Malcolm Conway went in search of books to help explain this common condition to patients. What he found was so disturbing it caused him to commit to years of research and study. Dr. Conway was determined to bring to the public, facts regarding back pain, its causes, common sense preventive measures, what MDs don't tell you, and why chiropractic is so successful in treating this condition. And, it's all here in his book - Alternatives to Back Pain. Dr. Conway also discusses electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, diathermy, massage, microcurrent, correction goals and trigger points.

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Break Through Stress To A Healthy Success      audio cassette tape

"Break Through Stress To A Healthy Success" by Dr. Richard Bellamy

Price: $20.00

Have you ever had a patient who really did not understand why they were coming to see you? Ever met someone who needed your care but you were unable to help them understand how you could help? Well, you will never have to have this happen again, with this audio cassette tape.

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Important Health Options You Need to Know      audio cassette tape

"Important Health Options You Need to Know" by Dr. Richard Bellamy

Price: $20.00

This audio cassette is the second chapter to "Break Through Stress to a Healthy Success". It leads patients to think back and consider all of the times and all the ways they have had structural, chemical and mental stress, and how they can add up to cause malfunctions and disease.

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Life Saving Secrets      DVD

"Life Saving Secrets" by Dr. Greg Malakoff  
Price: $249.00 Add:
"Life Saving Secrets" by Dr. Greg Malakoff (CA residents Only- sales tax)  
Price: $267.00 Add:

Acquire new patients the number one way all practice consultants insist on without the hard work.   

Let our professionally produced, customizable lay lecture obtain new patients for you and motivate your regular patients to request maintenance care.  Rated a 10 out of 10 by Dynamic Chiropractic.

This customizable, 20-minute video was inspired by top chiropractic speaker's lay lectures, from the past 25 years. Whether you are a mixer or a straight, both schools of thought agree this material needs to be communicated to our patients.


Click Here to preview the video sample

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Show Me Where It Hurts      18 pages; 8 x 10; hardcover OR softcover book

"Show Me Where It Hurts" by Dr. Alan D. Rosenthal & Illana Katz (hardcover)  
Price: $12.95 Add:
"Show Me Where It Hurts" by Dr. Alan D. Rosenthal & Illana Katz (softcover)  
Price: $7.95 Add:

Families need to learn about chiropractic care for children. Most Chiropractors understand all too well the need for chiropractic health educational awareness for the parents of young teens and children. Yet many adults hesitate to take a child for chiropractic care, although they themselves may visit a Chiropractor regularly. Engagingly told from the view point of a child, this easy-to-read book explores this child's discovery of chiropractic care when his much-admired older brother sustains a back injury playing football. As the injured boy meets Dr. Alan, a Chiropractor, and undergoes treatment, the whole family learns about current methodology, care and treatment - plus some basic workings of the spine. Dr. Alan Rosenthal's epilogue provides a more sophisticated look at the need for spinal biomechanical techniques, focusing on the benefits to children of all ages. All adult readers, including parents, coaches and teachers, will gain valuable insight into chiropractic treatment, which will enable them to better guide the children in their care.

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The Body Owners Manual      71 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½; book

"The Body Owners Manual" by Dr. David Koffman

Price: $7.95

This publication written by a leading Massachusetts chiropractor, Dr. David Koffman, teaches the basics of how to enjoy robust health for a very long time. In plain and simple terms, Dr. Koffman explains reproduction, how we grow, the differences between male and female aging, and special care that we need to give our bodies for a long life. This book is an excellent teaching aid for preteens and a guide for all of us as we grow older.

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