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The Peripheral Nervous System Chart      20 inches wide x 33 ½ inches high; poster

The Peripheral Nervous System Chart

Price: $19.95

This professionally designed chart is in full color and printed on high GLOSSY poster grade paper. This patient education visual aid is invaluable and should be posted in every treatment room.


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Touch-n-Tell Poster      11 inches wide x 17 inches high; black and white poster

Touch-n-Tell Poster

Price: $10.00

Dr. Peter Fernandez' "touch-n-tell" poster is a patient communication motivator and doctor's visual aid. Printed on poster quality white paper in easy-to-read black ink and suitable for framing, this is a professional line drawing of the human body with the following verbiage and labeled pointers: The most common conditions a chiropractor treats are: 1. Headaches, 2. Neck Pain, 3. Whiplash, 4. Shoulder Pain, 5. Arm Pain, 6. Back Pain, 7. Disc Problems, 8 Leg Pains, SPORTS AND AUTOMOTIVE INJURIES/ Ask Your Doctor!

11 inches wide x 17 inches high; poster

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