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We offer two-day, weekend seminars. For your convenience, these seminars are presented in two primary locations – Atlanta and Orlando.

Our seminars are educational, instructive, interesting and informative learning environments designed to improve and enhance your practice. Our clients tell us that they attend seminars to increase their practice-building knowledge and to keep their focus on purpose. Our seminars give attendees the opportunity to learn from experts and to meet with classmates and colleagues who share a common desire to increase or improve their practices.

With each seminar you attend, it will be apparent to you that the future of chiropractic is going to be dominated by engaged, creative and informed doctors who make knowledgeable decisions based on common sense recommendations.

If you would like to improve your practice's profitability or simply want to enjoy a smoother running practice, please take a moment to review our list of upcoming seminars. Then, register for the weekend experience that will teach you how to make success happen for your practice.

Warmest Regards,




 Dr. Peter G. Fernandez, Founder

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