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Mika Ishitani, DC

 "Thank you very much. I always learn a lot each time I come here. Every staff of Dr. Fernandez are onderful examples of how I want to become." 

Tanya Turner, DC

"I have been attending the Fernandez seminars for years and I still learn every time I come. At first I was learning the basics and now I learn how to get to the next level and keep a positive uplifting attitude throughout. Keep it up!" 

James Scott, DC

"Dr. Pete's practice building seminars are essential in growing a successful practice. Having had a practice in the past, through these seminars and consultantion services I have seen how I made many mistakes in the past and worked much harder with ofter little to no results. Now I feel confident and excited in the start of my new practice because of Dr. Pete's guidance and knowledge."



Gina Leal, CA

 "The seminars are always motivating and inspiring to become the best possible person I can be. I love to be surrounded with like minded individuals. It's always encourging to see other practices do well and trying to realize our own goals because if they can do it so can we."

Carila Pereira, CA 

“Thank you for such a great seminar experience. It has taught me and generated some great new ideas to help me work with my doctor to build a very successful practice."

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