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You doctor, are your practice’s most important asset!

Invest in the guidance that will help you reach your maximum success potential – through my personal one-on-one consulting.

By definition, a consultant is “an expert who is called upon for professional or technical advice or opinions.” The consultant you choose should be knowledgeable and experienced in building and/or opening thousands of practices. He/she should be an expert who can give you the “what, where, how and when” of practice building procedures.

I can give you alternate procedures when customary ones – simply don’t work. My experience has been in building thousands of practices. When I come across a client situation where “customary advice” does not produce the desired results, I pull from my experience, alternate procedures that worked for another client in a very similar situation. I have found that the more practices a consultant has helped build, the more extensive his/her knowledge of alternate procedures is, and the greater amount of expertise that consultant will have to offer you as a client.

Each week, you can receive personal one-on-one attention and guidance from the nation’s most recognized authority on practice building. Whereas other consultants provide consulting through assigned employees, our clients receive individual attention through regularly scheduled personal one-on-one consulting with me.

If you’re interested, please check us out.

Warmest regards,



Dr. Peter G. Fernandez, Founder

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