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“Dr. Pete keeps you focused. He gives you the confidence to do what you're scared to do. He stops you from spinning your wheels. He'll tell you exactly where your problem is and how to fix it. I've broken every record in my practice and had my best year ever."- Dr G. N., Maine

"We don't waste time trying to figure things out. All effort is on building our practice. Any problem that comes up, we just write down the question and wait for Dr. Pete's call. If we can't wait we pick up the phone and call him. This is an invaluable service. Our practice is up 40%, this was our best year.” - Dr. D.F. & Dr. M.A., Florida

“It's like having a consultant living in your office. Dr. Fernandez is constantly there. He keeps you doing the right things, and of course, the practice goes up. I've been with Dr. Fernandez since 1988, he keeps adding new procedures and my practice keeps going up. I can't understand how people can survive without Dr. Fernandez on the telephone." - Dr. D.S., Texas

"You don't have to second guess anything. Dr. Pete has the answer. I looked for the most experienced and best consultant in the business, and Dr. Fernandez is the one I hired. This was my best year ever, even while building me new clinic... Thanks Dr. Pete!" - Dr. L.H., Mississippi

I am a winner and wanted the best on my team. Dr. Pete's reputation for helping his clients "win" drove us together. This alliance put me in the position to achieve all my goals. Our numbers are growing at a fantastic rate... What a change!" - Dr. S.A., Tennessee

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