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10 Reasons to Choose Private Client

  1. Dr. Peter G. Fernandez, your “coach” and one of the country's foremost experts on practice development. His expert guidance has helped successfully grow over 5,000 practices.
  2. An amazing on-line video library of over 140 seminar classes (available 24/7) taught by chiropractic's top leaders and experts.
  3. Doctor’s Co-op, an on-line store for hundreds of chiropractic products ranging from office forms to practice supplies and equipment. Each product has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Fernandez personally.
  4. Weekly telephone consultations and monthly progress evaluations.
  5. Marketing assistance and solutions: newspaper ads, yellow page ads, sign designs, etc.
  6. Management and motivation techniques that you can start using today.
  7. Patient development and retention secrets that will give you immediate results.
  8. PPO, HMO, and insurance headaches quickly relieved with reduced stress.
  9. The best weekend professional development seminars in the country are available to you, your staff and your Associates. 
  10. ... And most importantly, a more satisfying and successful daily practice experience as your practice grows and thrives.
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