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 Practice Starters® Program Testimonials

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your Practice Starters program. Starting over again was exactly what we wanted, leaving behind the bad habits and bad memories of our failing practice. The program worked wonderfully. We just finished our sixth month and our services are 403% more compared to our first six months in practice on our own. You personally guided us through each step and your advise was priceless!” – Dr. P.K. & Dr. D.D., Pennsylvania

“I just wanted to thank you for your Practice Starters program. Your expertise has already saved me thousand of dollars. In my first lease, you have saved me $34,500 PER YEAR!! With only two-months in practice, I have already collected more than my overhead. Dr. Pete you have taught me how to attract new patients and kept my overhead low... What a great formula for success."– Dr. J.P., North Carolina

“Dr. Pete has helped me in every step of the process, from early practice location assessment/demographics, to compiling the business loan proposal, acquiring a favorable lease, and finally opening for business. Your coaching and guidance brought early success with 422 patient visits and nearly $50,000 in services my first 30 business days. Every businessperson should have a coach to assure that their business does not fail as many small businesses these days. ” – Dr. R.B., Ohio

“My personal experience with Practice Starters was with great success. The phone rang the first day with a new patient that I had met on my survey. The phone continued to ring. I had 18 new patients my first week! The first month we had 54 new patients! We currently have 4 treating doctors on staff and seeing 550 to 600 patient visits per week. I highly recommend the Practice Starters program... Thank You Dr. Pete!” – Dr. M.W., Georgia

"The Practice Starters program has given me a huge advantage over my colleagues and competition. Thanks to your help I was able to provide over $87,000 in services during my first 30 days in practice. Most of my colleagues believe it's impossible to provide that volume of service in a solo practice, much less during the first 30 days. Your program has expanded my mind and not only allowed me to get a large number of sick people well, but has also given some financial security to my family. If all new graduates would utilize your knowledge and apply it to the practice, our profession would be taken to a new level." - Dr. K.P., Florida

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