Basic Technical Requirements:

  1. You must have Windows Media downloaded on your computer to view our videos.
  2. Our videos are formatted for cable and DSL only.  You will not be able to view these videos if you are using a dial up service.

Click Here for complete F.A.Q.s on video viewing


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Windows Media Player™ Set-Up Instructions

If you do NOT have Windows Media on your computer you CAN download it from this site by clicking here. Please be sure you choose the Windows Media Format that matches your Operational System (Windows 98, 2000, XP etc.)

You can enlarge your viewing of our videos by adjusting the Windows Media display specifications.

Screen Savers must be turned off as they can interrupt and block the video series running and media player settings.

Viewing Tips:

1. If your menu bar is not showing you will see an "auto" button in top left of screen with a small arrow up and down. If you click on it your menu will show on the screen. If you hit it again it will disappear.

2. If your task bar is showing on the left side of the screen and you don't want it showing you can go to "view", then "full mode options" and click on "hide task bar". You can also hide the menu bar on this same drop down screen.

3. If you want to eliminate the playing list, title or other things from your screen click on "view" then "playing options" and then experiment with those buttons to see how you might like your screen.

4. For FULL SCREEN viewing click "view" then click on  "full screen". It will take about two seconds to adjust, but then it will show full screen. To return to previous size LEFT CLICK on the screen.

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