“I use the DrFernandez.com video seminars in the office whenever I have spare time. My assistants use these videos for training. Now they are trained without the expense of flying them to the seminar and paying for hotel costs. Thanks for the video training."

Hiroya Nakamura, DC - Schaumburg, IL

"It’s about time someone offered this type of service to chiropractors. This site allows me to pick the topic that most pertains to what I need in my current practice situation.  I can refresh on what I have already learned and solidify my methods.”

Alex Hernandez, DC - North Bergen, NJ




Donna Sanders, DC - Galveston, TX

 “When I get home from a seminar I am charged, focused and enthusiastic. The next two to four weeks are awesome. After that I slowly fall back into my lazy habits, and start losing that excitement. Sometimes it can be months before I can get back to a seminar. Now that I can access the classes online, I can recharge myself anytime I need to. It’s a great way to keep all of those procedures current, that you would otherwise let go by the wayside. IT WILL KEEP YOU FOCUSED! Plus, there is always stuff that you didn’t hear the first time.

Everyone, CA’s, and Doc’s need to tune into this website. It is an invaluable tool. Dr. Pete and his staff of teachers are right there in your office. I was impressed at how life like it really was. It is not like just plugging in a video. Because it is actually the seminar, it felt just like I was there. The cost is included in my consultation fee, so the price is perfect.” 


Dr. David McFadden

"If you are looking for no nonsense guidance approach to going it the right way, the first time, this is it!"


Marshall L. Jacobs DC, FASA

I’ve been in practice for 7 years know and have always realized that there are valuable things that can be learned from the many resources our profession has to offer, Dr. Pete being one of them.  As a member of practice management group, and a person who likes to stay ‘ on top of things” in the many areas an informed doctor should such as technique, diagnosis or whatever, I’ve spent thousands of dollars in travel expense and many hours away from my family.  Your program is one that not only offers wonderful information in terms of practice management advice from Dr. Fernandez and his team, but as an “ access anytime” resource there is absolutely nothing like it that I’ve found.  You have a tremendous amount of very useful material for our colleagues to use to grow the practices of our dreams in addition to some motivational material for the ‘boost’ we all need to stay on purpose. Your system of delivery saves time and money and is offered itself at a very fair price.  I believe you are on the cutting edge of the future of chiropractic practice management.  Keep on task, we need you.  Thanks!



Laura D. Dora, CA

“Without the guidance, instruction and advice from Dr. Pete and the Fernandez Consulting Team, we would be lost. There is no replacement for the knowledge we’ve gained and continue to gain each week and for the security we feel knowing that they are always there when we need them.”

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