How will I view these videos?
You will see these videos in your Internet Browser in the Windows Media Format. Because the screen is opening in the Internet Browser it will open up within the browser and fill your screen. You will have to click and drag to change the sizes and eliminate the disproportional sizes. All of the buttons for sound, pause, stop, play etc. should be at the bottom of your screen.

What type of connection do I need to view these videos?
Streaming these videos will only work with fast speed Cable or DSL Internet connections. If you are connected to the Internet by a phone line it would be a better business decision to pay $10 a month more for a new connection. Just one idea from one class could pay for many years of your high speed Internet. Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my computer?
These videos are formatted for Windows Media Viewing. If you do not have Windows Media you can go to and download the version that matches the operational system you are using. (ie. Windows 98, XP, 2000). If you are prompted to download Windows Media and you have it just ignore it since it will pop up in your browser.

Why do you have a log in?
Those that have already taken a class will receive a username and password to use in order to return to the site to see a video they already purchased. It is also used to purchase more videos and by pass all of the same "fill in the blank" information.

How do I adjust the size of the screen?
Many times the video will pop up horizontal on your screen. Take your pointer either to the right or left edge, place it on it until you see the double horizontal pointer and then holding down your left click button drag it until the images are normal and proportional.

How do I make the screen larger?
On the screen, right click, to open up drop down menu, left click on zoom which will give you another menu and click on "Full Screen".

How do I get out of full screen mode?
Right click on the screen and go down to "Exit Full Screen".

How do I get rid of the task bars and information above the screen?
Left click "view" at the top of the screen, then left click on "tool bars" and unclick those bars you don't want showing while you are viewing the video.

How do I get my task bars back on the screen? 
Left click the upper right hand corner middle resize bar and it will allow you to go back to "view", "tool bars", and put a check and place a check by those bars you want back on your screen.

Why does my video freeze or pause?
Go to your "control panel" and then to "my display" and then to "screen saver". Take off any screen saver you may have.

What if I am unable to rewind or fast forward the online video seminar purchased?
Media Player buttons for rewind or fast forward (< >) only work for clips that are created with Chapter settings which allow the buttons to function.  Our video seminars are one Chapter thus to rewind or fast forward the video, you need to use the scroll bar located directly above the (< >) Media Player buttons.

How long can I watch the video?
You will be allowed seven full days of use from the time you order your video. You will be given a username and pass code to use during that period of time.

How do I keep track or see a list of the videos that I have seen?
Log into you the member log in on the home page upper right hand corner. Click  "yes" for all the security issues and you will eventually see your past account purchases.

The voice and lips do not seem to match during the video. What can I do? Our videos have all been tested. Be sure that you have your screen saver off and turn off other programs that might be running in the background. Also, if there is heavy traffic on the web and you see that your computer is already running slow, try viewing it at a different time. Also, Reboot.

Why are some of the class titles duplicated?
It was a decision that we made. Some subjects just fall under various categories and we did not want to deprive someone from going to a category of interest and not finding a class that would be helpful to the doctor.

Will you be placing more classes on this site and how will I know about them?
We tape classes at most of our seminars. We carefully select subjects that will be beneficial to the doctors in their business. We will continue to add more classes and advise those doctors by email of our new classes.

How can you show these classes so inexpensively?
We believe in the Sam Walton of Wal-Mart concept. Give your customer the best value for the lowest price. Reach for the masses and not just those that can afford it. Get into the rural areas. That's what this site does. It is global and services those great doctors who practice in places where it is too difficult and expensive to leave the practice, travel and pay more than for what they will receive in practice building seminars. Sam thought that by lowering his price he can attract double and make the same margin as those with a higher price. He learned that he made a lot more than that! Serve everyone and give the best service you can. That is what we want to do. Do the same in your practice and you will grow.

I can't read all of the things on the power point slides or transparencies so what do I do?
We did not want this site to be in text format like the on line credit courses. The classes are taped for viewing and listening more than for reading. They are for you to take your own notes on the subjects that you feel will enhance your practice. Also, some of the classes were taped when we were not using power point slides. We have switched to power point slides which are much clearer. We are also in the process of making the same notes available to our on line viewers that we hand out in the classes. They are being edited and formatted as we speak and in the future will be part of the program.

Can I make suggestions for classes?
Of course! We value your input. If you want it, we will do our best to produce it. Just put your request in the comment box or send us an email.

If this is an on line website, why do you offer weekend seminars?
Some doctors just love coming to seminars. There is great energy in rubbing shoulders with other doctors. And, each doctor is in a different situation. This site does not eliminate the need for consultants. But it does allow those who cannot afford to pay for seminars obtain the same material. It also allows for doctors and CAs to review something they want and need at a time they want to. Since each doctor is different with different goals and wants, we want to appeal to many markets, not just one.

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