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Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations are powerful engines that drive customers to large and small businesses alike. They help connect buyers to sellers. Without them, business would come to a standstill. Chiropractically speaking, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations all help us to communicate with our patients and potential patients. Used properly, they can turn people who know little about chiropractic -- into your loyal patients.

So, when and how does a doctor use Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations?

If you’re interested and would like to learn more, I invite you to review "Publications by Dr. Peter Fernandez", DrFernandez.com's "Private Client" and "Practice Starters® Program, "Weekend Seminar" information, and our "Online Video Seminars".

Be sure to also sign up for our Free Newsletter, "Chiropractic Achievers", where you will receive practice-building tips, including Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations every week.

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