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Case and Claims Review      45 pages; 8 ½ x 11; book

"Case and Claims Review" by Dr. Kenneth Ross, MBA, DC, JD, LHRM

Price: $36.95

In addition to clearly explaining the essential steps in a review/investigation, Dr. Ross also identifies the most common claim review red flags. Dr. Ross addresses the false claims act, fraud & types of healthcare fraud, and medical necessity, fines/sanctions and legislation. Understand the review/investigation process and learn how to avoid being the subject of one - order your copy today.

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Medical Records Overview      200 pages; 8 ½ x 11; book

"Medical Records Overview" by Dr. Kenneth Ross, MBA, DC, JD, LHRM

Price: $39.95

Confidentiality, Documentation, Informed Medical Consents, and Current Statutes in FL

This manual offers clear and precise information as it pertains to the laws, regulations and professional ethics relative to creating and managing patient records. Understanding these procedures will help the doctor avoid unnecessary and costly legal battles, and help strengthen his defense in the event of certain lawsuits.

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Success for the New Chiropractor      187 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½; book

"Success for the New Chiropractor" by Dr. Troy E. Counselman

Price: $32.95

This book is written for the new chiropractor trying to forge his/her career, and for the chiropractic student, who should begin planning for that career as soon as possible. Chapters include: the student loan nightmare, practice options, associating, purchasing an existing practice, the non-practicing chiropractor, location, practice classifications, the $500 practice, the marketing idea, common chiropractic advertising, alternative chiropractic advertising, the referral machine, managed care terms, and alliance.

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The Hands-On No-Nonsense Need-To-Know Guide to Office Management      230 pages; 10 x 12; book

"The Hands-On No-Nonsense Need-To-Know Guide to Office Management" by Dr. Andrew R. Peters

Price: $39.95

Dr. Peters has designed this office management manual in an easy to use reference format, with subject modules, convenient cross- references and informational web site addresses. Sections include: Before Going Into Business; Staff; Insurance; Patient Reception; Accounts Receivable; Public Relations; HCFA Basics; Medicare Guidelines; and Office Policy.

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Ultra Success! In the Business of Chiropractic      169 pages with six audio cassettes

"Ultra Success! In the Business of Chiropractic" by Dr. Troy E. Counselman

Price: $95.00

Dr. Couselman expertly addresses the practice management needs and concerns of both established doctors and new practitioners. Featured sections include: business structure, billing & collecting, statistics management, overhead management, staffing, patient management, marketing, associates and multiple clinics.

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