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The Chiropractic Office - Guide to Contemporary Design      188 pages; 8 ½ x 11; book

"The Chiropractic Office - Guide to Contemporary Design" by Dr. John D. HIckey. This product is currently unavailable!



Is your office designed for success? In today's competitive health care environment you need an office that is efficient, cost-effective, and conducive to the needs of you, your staff, and your patients. This book will show you how. Topics covered include: choosing the right location, designing for profit, purchasing vs. leasing, indoor & outdoor signage, creating a professional image, designing a healing environment, 100 detailed chiropractic floor plans (sizes from 800 to 7000 square feet) single and multi-doctor designs, open and closed style layouts, and various shapes and settings.

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Vital Lease Negotiation Tactics for Small Business Tenants      107 pages; 8 ½ x 11; book

"Vital Lease Negotiation Tactics for Small Business Tenants" by Xavier J. Fernandez, Esq.

Price: $19.95

Most business enterprises occupy their premises with some type of commercial lease. This book by Xavier J. Fernandez, attorney at law, considers the more significant provisions of a commercial lease exclusively from the viewpoint of the tenant. A landlord's bank may require numerous clauses to be in leases for offices in large buildings. Generally, the tenant may ignore these, as the landlord is unable to negotiate or modify them. Likewise, some provisions have originally been included by an attorney who has tried to anticipate the most remote of circumstances. In these areas the tenant might consider spending his negotiating "chips" on more significant provisions. While this text is not intended as a substitute for using an attorney, it will provide you with the knowledge to do most of the negotiations and will thereby substantially limit your attorney's fees. An attorney should always review your lease before you sign it.

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